Welcome to HELP

A decade of experience provides unique lessons from over a thousand patients with chronic pain. We have found that it is not just pain that causes suffering and disruption of patient’s lives, it is the impact of that pain. We have seen that by focusing on pain alleviation that patients, paradoxically suffer more due to the side effects of treatment. We have discovered that by looking beyond the pain into the way that a patient’s life has been changed due to pain we can find a solution. We have found that these consequences create a circumstance where most people feel angry, confused, alone, misunderstood and even judged because they have a problem that others cannot truly experience. HELP has evolved into an environment where patients describe, often for the first time, feeling understood, valued, and served. Let HELP build a treatment program that is as individual as you are.

Chronic pain develops gradually. The journey down a path to daily suffering and loss often starts with a simple injury and cascades innocently downward with continued pain, imperfect healing, medical complications and failures, loss of job, loss of financial support, loss of friends, and depression. The progress along this path occurs in steps. Steps of declining hope, increasing suffering and increasing fear define the journey. The treatment of this decline from chronic pain must also be along a path. We call this path a clinical path. All HELP programs are designed around clinical paths that are tailored to meet your needs and support your goals.

Our evidence based clinical paths are personalized to HELP you succeed.