About Help Pain Medical Network

HELP is a compassionate, evidence-based, outcomes-oriented Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program. Our full-time, co-located, licensed staff is focused on one thingassisting those with chronic pain return to a meaningful life.

For most chronic pain sufferers, life before pain was busy, fulfilling and happy. Injury or disease destroys this life, disrupting relationships and the important roles each of us has pursued. Over time these roles are replaced by inactivity and the relationships are threatened. If allowed to progress, patients may experience loss of important relationships including those of spouse, partner, and employee. If you are a patient, provider or family member of someone suffering from chronic pain, your previous treatments may not have produced the desired results, causing you to lose hope.

Often chronic pain sufferers feel unsupported and discouraged about all they have lost due to chronic pain. They are frequently angry and frustrated about treatment failures and administrative delays. These same patients may be coming to the realization that there is not a cure for their pain problem and recognize that they need help to regain quality of life.

HELP creates new perspectives by teaching patients how to regain control of their lives, rather than promising cures.  Quality of life is our focus.  We assist patients in setting goals and work with them to achieve those goals.  Our experienced bilingual staff uses honest, non-judgmental practices to help suffering patients regain their life roles.