We at HELP are very proud of the progress our patients make and are excited to share their successes with you.

Functional Restoration Program outcomes focus on functional and medical progress. We look specifically at daily opioid medication dose and work function tolerances, such as sitting, standing, walking, and lifting, at initial Evaluation and Program Completion. As you can see, patients show improved functional performance, while at the same time greatly reducing their medications:

HELP Program – Median Medical and Functional Progress (Sample size: 149)
,Initial Evaluations,Program Completion,% Change
Median Med Factor in mg/day,135 mg/day,0 mg/day,100%
Median Function Tolerance, 39,111,185%
At HELP patients find support from our professional staff and from one another to make these gains. While chronic pain can be disabling, a return to a vibrant life is achievable. We hope you also enjoy a few testimonials from HELP patients describing their experiences with chronic pain and the impact treatment at HELP has had on their life.