Opioid overuse and dependence is a pressing concern on the minds of providers. When patient tolerance grows, medications begin to multiply in size, expense, and risk. The HELP Pain Medical Network can help your patients overcome fear, reduce reliance on opioid medications, and manage pain so they can return to an active, vibrant life. HELP Outpatient Detox is an intensive day treatment with frequent medical monitoring, functional observation, and the support of our full interdisciplinary team.

Reduction options include:

  • Open label tapering
  • Suboxone-facilitated withdrawal
  • Blinded Pain Cocktail
  • Adjuvant medication management

Addiction Treatment & Inpatient Medication Optimization are also available – contact us to find out more

How does it work?

  • Refer a patient for Detoxification Services and our interdisciplinary team will evaluate the patient and outline a treatment plan.
  • Patients are immersed in a functional detoxification environment with daily medical treatment, monitoring, and education, as well as the support of our full interdisciplinary treatment team.
  • Patients reduce their medications safely and comfortably while learning other pain coping skills to maintain their medication reduction

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