Functional Restoration Program

The consequences of chronic pain can be debilitating for patients still experiencing pain six months after an injury, and the prolonged injury can lead to increased cost and risk for both the patient and provider. Our Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is designed to restore the activities of daily living and help patients return to work. This comprehensive program focuses on the functional progress through physical therapy, medication optimization, and counseling that can help them overcome the negative pain beliefs that limit recovery.

How does it work?

  • Refer a patient for a Functional Restoration Program and they’ll meet with our team for a full day evaluation to outline a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Patients are immersed in an interdisciplinary functional restoration environment with daily medical, psychological, physical, and life coaching treatment and education
  • Patients reduce learn coping skills, regain function, and make lasting plans to return to an active life

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